a few words about us

Employment agency engaged in reqruiting personnel from Baltic countries

Stroyweld Oy is a reliable and versatile company, which has operating as a conglomerate in the economic zone of Vaasa since 2015.We have 10 to 15 employees working around the year. We serve our satisfied clients with solid craftsmanship.

Stroyweld Oy is a domestic staff leasing company. We hire professionals in Finland, mainly metal workers to metal and engineering companies. Stroyweld Oy has principals throughout Scandinavia. Years of cooperation and reliable partners provide the best employees.

We provide temporary workers for short and medium-term needs. As an entrepreneur, you can focus on your core business.

We give you access to professional metal workers just when you need them most.

We also offer a responsible and reliable metal worker-placement agency. Serving the Nordic and Ostro metal industry labor needs of which we have very good references.

Stroyweld Oy
Svetlana Lundström
+358 44 283 2151
E-mail: stroyweld(at)Stroyweld.com
RJ Steel Construction
+46 767 1277 84
+358 40 0905 951
E-mail: rj-steel(at)tele2.se

Business Consulting Service.

Company Stroyweld OY, specializes in providing business consulting services in Finland and in Russia.

Machining Service

We offer to carry out machining on CNC-machines for different industries.

Cleaning Service

We also offer domestic cleaning services.

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